Placement Tests

Please note that you will needa grading to register for an advanced course (all courses except GK1 courses).You can obtain these either by successfully completing a previous course or by taking a placement test.


The Language Center of the RWTH Aachen University still offers more than 200 free of charge language courses for students of all departments. Offered languages are: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish.

In addition we offer a small but still growing variety of courses for staff and visiting researchers.

Many students visit our language courses on a strictly voluntary basis. Since at least with implementing the Bachelor- and Master Programs Modern Languages courses became compulsory or compulsory optional subjects with the curricula of various professions. Students who have to fulfill such curricular requirements are preferred during course place allocation.

Owing to the great demand you have to register for all language courses. So that we can offer you a course best suited to your needs - beginners courses excepted - a placement test is required.

All information concerning registration, missed classes and certfifcates can be found in our Guide which will safely lead you through your language course and answer your questions.


Course Offer

Language Level A1 Level A2 Level B1 Level B2 Level C1 Level C2
Arabic GK 1-3
Chinese GK 1-3 GK 4-6 MK 1-4
English MK 3-4 MK 5-8 OK 1-4 OK 5-8
French GK 1-3 GK 4-6 MK 1-2 MK 3-6 OK 1-4
Italian GK 1-2 GK 3-4 MK 1-2 MK 3-6
Japanese GK 1-3 GK 4-6 MK 1-4
Korean GK 1-4 GK 5-8
Dutch GK 1-2 GK 3-4 MK 1-2 MK 3-4
Polish GK 1-2 GK 3-6
Portuguese GK 1-2 GK 3-4 MK 1-2 MK 3-6
Russian GK 1-4 GK 5-8 MK 1-4
Swedish GK 1-2 GK 3-4 MK 1-2
Spanish GK 1-2 GK 3-4 MK 1-2 MK 3-6
Turkish GK 1-3 GK 4-6