Courses for RWTH Doctoral Academy Members


Information on courses

You will find all informations on course offers, dates and deadlines, course contents and books used in CAMPUS.


The Language Center offers two types of courses for members of the RWTH Doctoral Academy (formerly known as Center for Doctoral Studies).

RWTH Doctoral Academy members can register for all courses of our:

  • Scientific Writing for RWTH Doctoral Academy members
  • Conference English for RWTH Doctoral Academy members

RWTH Doctoral Academy members can also register for all courses in our Modern Languages program.


Organizational Information



  1. Doctoral candidates must first register with the RWTH Doctoral Academy in order to be eligible for a place in any of the courses at the Language Center.
  2. A placement test is obligatory for courses in the Modern Languages Program where previous knowledge of a language is available. For courses in the Scientific English Program doctoral candidates must attain a B2.1 level (MK 5) or higher.
  3. After registering, students will need a RWTH User ID ("TIM-Kennung") to enrol in a Language Center course. You can learn more about enrolment procedures here. Doctoral students who have neither a matriculation number nor a RWTH User ID should  the RWTH Doctoral Academy directly.
  4. Please note that simply applying for a course online is not a guarantee that you will obtain a place. The Language Center has reserved a limited number of places for doctoral students, and demand in certain beginner courses is quite heavy. Please check your user account after the end of the enrolment period to see if you have obtained a place.
  5. Courses in the Modern Languages Program and “Conference English” begin the second week of the semester. Courses in “Scientific Writing for Doctoral Candidates” may begin at different times.