The Language Center works closely with the International Office to plan and carry out a wide range of projects with RWTH partner universities worldwide. Students from Asia, the Middle East, and North America come to Aachen to study at the RWTH and to learn German.

RWTH partner universities include the German University of Technology in Oman, Shandong University and Tsinghua University in China. For students of our Japanese partner university Keio there are not only regular summer courses but also a special program which offers German courses as well as lectures in engineering.

North American students spend the summer in Aachen thanks to the UROP program, doing research and attending German courses in an intensive 10-week period.



International Cooperations

KEIO University, Japan

Cambridge University



Cooperation with International Office


UROP International




Cooperations with International Academy

Summer School German Engineering, Language and Culture

Summer School Automation and Simulation