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Each semester the Language Center offers members of the RWTH academic community the opportunity to improve their German language skills in a series of courses aimed at both beginners and advanced students.

This offer also addresses students who enroll in a English Master Program which feature German language courses in their curriculum.


Course Formats

  1. 1
    4 hours a week-course:

    These courses are 4 teaching hours á 45 minutes a week. The usual form is two double lessons twice a week. These courses are offered at a variety of different levels.
  2. 2
    8 hours a week-course:
    These intensive courses are 8 teaching hours á 45 minutes per week with four course hours twice a week.
    These courses are offered at a variety of different levels.

1 hour a week = 45 minutes.


Please note

A placement test is compulsory for students with previous knowledge of German who have not otherwise taken courses with us before. The test will determine your current German level so we can offer you an adequate course. Even if you have certificates of other language centers you still have to take a placement test with us. Students with no previous knowledge don't need to write a placement test.

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