Your Guide to RWTH German Language Courses

Graphic - Your  Guide to RWTH German Language Courses Copyright: Sprachenzentrum

Here you can found out all about our RWTH German language courses. We have gathered the most important information on our course program and requirements.
These are explained in the following dropdown list. The contents can be viewed by clicking on the relevant sub-item.


RWTH German Language Courses

Course Program

The Language Centre offers RWTH German courses during the lecture period as well as during the lecture-free period.
All  courses can be found on  RWTHonline (including dates, course contents and textbooks etc.).

Target Audience

  1. Application for a course place
    Your German proficiency level ("Previous Knowledge") is relevant for the registration process.
    The application for all semester courses takes place at specified dates.
    To register for a course you need a Language Center User Account.
  2. Course place allocation
    In the evening of the day after the registration deadline, you can check the section "Registration" in your user-account to see whether you received a course place. There you will also find all information on the course fee payment. Brief informations can be found under item 3 of this instruction.
  3. Booking a course via online payment
    You must then pay the course fee via the page mentioned in your user-account. Please note that payment is only possible online and preferably via Giropay (online-transfer). Please note: Deutsche Bank does not offer Giropay. You may also pay via credit card (accepted are: VISA, MasterCard, JCB)
    This video will guide you through the online payment process.
  4. Before your course
    Please purchase your course book before the first lesson. It is indicated in the respective course in CAMPUS, which course book is used in which class. Please note that the price for the course book is not included in the course fees.


Please note!

  • Registration is binding.
  • The Language Center will not refund course fees, neither full or partial.
  • Exchanging or transferring course places is not possible.


Fees are charged for all German language courses.
Course fees are:

  • courses comprising 8 hours per week: 400 euros
  • courses comprising 4 hours per week: 200 euros

You must pay the course fee after the course place allocation. Please note that the fee does not include the textbook.

The course fees are paid by SEPA direct debit. There will be no cash payment in person.

German Language Skills

  • Without prior knowledge: 
    If you have no previous knowledge of the German language, all you need to register is a TIM identification and a RWTH matriculation number to register for the course.
    If you register for an A1 or A1.1 course despite having prior knowledge of the language it is not possible to change to a higher course at a later date - the course fees will not be refunded.
  • With prior knowledge:
    You must take a placement test so that we can offer you the course that best suits you.
    You can find all information on dates for placement tests here.

Placement Test

You can find out the result of your placement test in your Language Center User Account.
Certificates confirming the result of placement tests are unfortunately not possible. Certificates can only be issued for anachievement in a course.
The results are valid until you have successfully attended a German course at the Language Centre (and thus improved your level).

User Account

To register for a course you need a Language Center User Account.


  • Registration

Your knowledge in German is relevant for the registration process. In your SZ user account only courses will be displayed for which you have the correct language level. The application for all courses can only take place on specified dates.
To register for a course you need a Language Center User Account.

  • Course Titles

The titles of the courses follow the guidelines given by the Common European Framework of Reference (GER):

A1 and A2 = elementary level

B1 and B2 = intermediate level

C1 = advanced level

Numbers following the level of proficiency: e.g. B1.1 is the first course of level B1, B1.2 is the second course of level B1. Small letters (a, b, c etc.) noted after the course titles describe identical parallel courses at the same level. Thus B1.1.a and B1.1.b are identical courses offered at level B1.1. If there are several courses that you could attend, it is possible to assign priorities.

Course Place Allocation

You can check whether you have received a place in a course in your Language Center User Account in the evening after the closing date. The result is shown under the tab “Registration”. You will be assigned to the courses according to your level. 
A computer program decides on the allocation to the courses.
It does not matter whether you register at the beginning or at the end of the application period.

Booking of the Course Place via Payment

After you have received a course place, you pay the course fee.
Information on payment can be found in your SZ user account.
Registration is binding.

Before the Start of the Course

Please buy the textbook that is specified in RWTHonline for your particular course before the first lesson of the course. The textbook is not included in the course fees.
The Language Centre does not refund any course fees or parts of these. An exchange or transfer of places is not possible.

During the Course

  • Course start
    The language courses generally start in the second week of the lecture period. The exact dates can be found in RWTHonline.
  • Requirements to successfully complete a course
    • regular attendance
    • active collaboration
    • provide evidence of performance
  • Maximum Number of Missed Classes
    If you cannot attend the first lesson, you will not lose your place. The lesson will simply be counted as a missed class.
    You are allowed to miss a certain number of lessons during the course.
    That means:
    • 4 SWS-courses: max. 10 lessons (à 45 minutes)
    • 8 SWS-courses: max. 20 lessons (à 45 minutes)

After the Course

  • Post-exam review
    You have the right to review your final examination. Please make an appointment with your teacher or at the Service Point.
  • Course result
    Your course result will be visible in your SZ User Account within 6 weeks after the last course date, afterwards you can register for further courses during the next registration period.
  • Certificate (Credits)
    If you have passed the course, you can receive a certificate. You can pick up your certificate at the Service Point of the Language Centre after the result has been entered in your SZ User Account. Your certificate can only be sent to you if you hand in an addressed and sufficiently stamped* envelope at the Service Point of the Language Centre. Please note the exact name of the course on the envelope.
    (*"stamped" means that you have to stick the required number of stamps on the envelope.) Certificates will be not sent by email.
    The Language Centre does not send certificates of exchange students directly to their home university. If the certificate should appear in the TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, it is necessary that you present the certificate either to your coordinator at the RWTH Aachen or yourself to your home university.