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International students wishing to study at a German university are required to show evidence of sufficient German language skills to enable them to complete their course of study successfully. Such skills include the ability to understand, summarise and produce both spoken and written German specific to a university context.

To do this, students must:

  • be able to understand and distinguish between processes, facts, thoughts, opinions and intentions and be able to comment on them both orally and in writing;
  • possess an adequate command of vocabulary, grammar and expression and a knowledge of suitable text types and structures; and
  • possess a linguistic and practical command of work processes required to study successfully at a German university.


The test consists of a written part and an oral part.

Written Part

  1. Listening comprehension
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Reading comprehension of an academic text
  4. Text production in response to a diagram or picture

In either section 1 or section 2, you will be asked to produce a written text, through which you should demonstrate that you can express yourself independently and coherently in response to the topic given.

Oral Part

After passing the written examination, a 20-minute oral examination will take place. The preparation time is accordingly.

A sample-exam can be found in the downloads section.