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Courses in Winter semester 21/22

Please note: You can view the current event dates and location in RWTHonline. Events can also take place on several dates per week. The registration for the courses does not take place via RWTHonline, but via your User Account at the Language Center during the period mentioned below.

Please make sure to note if the course is an online class or in person class!


RWTH German Courses (Start: January 2022)

Please note: The current information on dates, times and places of each course can be found in RWTHonline. Courses can take place on more days per week. Registration does not take place via RWTHonline but via your Language Center user-account in the below-mentioned period.

LV-Nr. LV-Title SWS Registration period
02.56499 RWTH German Course A1.1.j (Online) 4 06.12.-13.12.2021
02.00080 RWTH German Course A1.2.f (Online) 4 06.12.-13.12.2021