Master Program


Our German Courses of the Master Program are only for master students of the following English-speaking International Master courses:


Master Courses

  • Automotive Engineering (M.Sc.)
  • Communications Engineering (M.Sc.) [Int. Master]
  • Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.) [INTAC]
  • Electrical Power Engineering (M.Sc.) [Int. Master]
  • Media Informatics (M.Sc.) [Int. Master]
  • Metallurgical Engineering (M.Sc.) [Int. Master]
  • Production Systems Engineering (M.Sc.) [INTAC]
  • Software Systems Engineering (M.Sc.) [Int. Master]

The Language Center offers a special intensive, year-long German language course for students enrolled in an RWTH International Master program. The course is an integral part of all international Master programs and provides students with the ability to communicate effectively in German both during their period of study in Aachen and later in the workplace after graduation. Eventually they have to show proof of German knowledge on the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference by successfully passing the DSM exam.



Students of the MME programme only have to complete level A1.

So they don't have to take the DSM Exam.



DSM Exam

The exam takes at the end of the second semester. More information about contents and exam procedures als well as registration can be found under DSM Exam.

German Courses in the Master Program

In order to attend the German courses for students in the international Master Program you have to register with the Language Center.

Current registration dates can be found under Dates & Deadlines Master Program.


Students are eligible for an exemption from the DSM if they can show proof of equivalent German knowledge. The following certificates are recognised:

  • Goethe Institute – Zertifikat A2: Zertifikat Deutsch or higher issued by institutions accredited by the Goethe Institute