Content and Format



International students wishing to study at a German university are required to show evidence of sufficient German language skills to enable them to complete their course of study successfully. Such skills include the ability to understand, summarise and produce both oral forms of speech and written texts specific to university contexts. To do this students must possess an adequate command of vocabulary, grammar and expression and a knowledge of suitable text types and structures.


The test consists of a written part and an oral part.

Written Part

  1. Listening Comprehension
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Reading Comprehension in special regard to scientific texts
  4. Text production on the basis of a diagram or picture

Oral Part

Candidates who have passed the written exam are then invited to an oral exam lasting about 30 minutes. Candidates are given a short text to read and prepare beforehand.

A sample-exam can be found in the downloads section.